Parental Abduction

Nevada requires parents to return their child on the specified days and times that have been spelled out in the Court’s custody order. In most cases, both parents obey the order of the court and respect their shared custody obligations. However, in some frightening circumstances, a parent may choose to defy the court and refuse to return the child. This is a serious crime and should be handled right away. Tony Liker has experience handling such emergency situations. Do not delay or attempt to handle the matter privately if your child has been abducted by the other parent. Contact Attorney Tony Liker today.

Parental Abduction: Las Vegas, Nevada Attorney Tony Liker will take immediate action when a child is missing or abducted

Immediate action must occur if your child has been taken or you have reason to believe that the other parent does not intend to return your child. The first step is to contact a family law attorney who will request that the Court issue an emergency order for the immediate return of the child. The court can order that the child be returned to you immediately and that law enforcement assist you in retrieving the child. The other parent will typically be required to explain to the Court why he or she should not be held in contempt and will often be required to pay your attorney’s fees. Contact an attorney immediately if your child has been abducted by the other parent.