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Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage is a happy and joyous time. You are likely dreaming of a lifetime of happiness if you are planning to wed your partner. The last thing a couple wants during this time is to think about finances. However, having an amicable discussion about money prior to marriage can often prevent problems later down the road. Attorney Tony Liker has 20 years of experience in drawing up prenuptial agreements for clients who wish to plan for their future ahead of time. Mr. Liker will help you and your partner draw up a document that is meant to strengthen your bond rather than tear it apart. Contact us today for more information.

Post-nuptial Agreement

It is common for a couple to get married without feeling the need for a prenuptial agreement. Circumstances can quickly change, however, and a party may recognize that an agreement is needed to protect their assets. In such an instance Attorney Tony Liker can assist you with drafting what is referred to as a “post-marital” agreement. These agreements offer the same style of protections to both parties as do pre-marital agreements with the main difference being that a post-marital agreement is entered into after the parties marry.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Attorney Tony Liker will help residents to protect their financial interests through a post-marital agreement

There are several instances in which a couple may require a post-marital agreement. It is not uncommon for a couple to marry but, after the wedding, a situation arises where prior actions of one spouse can put the parties’ community assets at risk. In these instances the second spouse’s share of community income might be subject to a garnishment for any of the following situations:

  • Lawsuits
  • Tax debts
  • Child support arrearages

A post-martial agreement can ensure that the second spouse does not lose a portion of his or her income to satisfying old debt’s of the first spouse. This is done by agreeing, after the marriage, that the second spouse’s income shall be his or her separate property. This will protect such assets and ensure that garnishment is not an issue.