Grandparents Rights

While parents obviously play a vital role in their children’s lives, other adult figures often have significant relationships as well. While the Nevada courts generally defer to parental judgment when it comes to who is allowed to see their children, there are circumstances in which a grandparent or a third-party may petition for visitation. Attorney Tony Liker has great success helping grandparents and other third-persons win visitation rights. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

Grandparents Rights: Attorney Tony Liker protect the relationship children have with their grandparents

Grandparents do not automatically have rights or the ability to make decisions on behalf of their grandchildren. However, there are many circumstances in which the Nevada court system will allow grandparents to file for visitation should it be in the child’s best interest. Cases that involve grandparents attempting to gain visitation without parental permission tend to be extremely unique. Some situations in which a grandparent or third party may have a case include:

  • Cases in which one or both parents pass away.
  • Cases in which one or both parents are incarcerated.
  • Cases in which the parents divorce, and the parent who wins primary custody chooses not to allow the grandparents to visit due to a personal falling out.
  • Cases in which one or both parents are not able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children, and the grandparents wish to step in.

Cases that involve third-party adults are complicated and unique. It is the third party’s burden to prove that their relationship with the child is significant enough for the court to override the wishes of the parents. The court will often look favorably on grandparents who have lived with the children previously, who have assisted in supervising the children on a regular basis, or who have been a consistent and stable present in the children’s lives. This can be proven through witness testimony, phone records, emails, and pictures. During your initial consultation Tony Liker will listen to your story and help you determine if you have a strong case to win visitation with your grandchildren.

Attorney Tony Liker protect the rights of third-persons wishing to establish child visitation